Supplier Development

In today’s highly competitive marketplace one of the main keys to the success of any organisations is the selection, development and management of its Supply Chain.

We can help you select the best the supplier and develop that supplier so that it is better able to meet the needs of your business and your customers via:

- Independent Supplier Auditing,
- Pre-selection assessment,
- Development,
- Concern Management.

If required we can undertake a pre-selection assessment of any new or existing Suppliers in order to assess their suitability as a supplier to your organisation.

We can also undertake a similar review with an existing supplier who is consistently failing to meet your needs either from a capacity, capability or quality aspect.

These activities will enable you to obtain an independent assessment of the supplier and it’s working relationship with you, your employees and your organisation. We can base these assessments around our standard criteria or we can develop a bespoke set of criteria particular to your needs.

We can also undertake a less formal assessment of both new and existing suppliers with “low key” visits aimed at undertaking a basic review of their facility, location, customer base, accreditations, processes, systems, capacity and capabilities.

All visits will be supported with a comprehensive report based on a basic set of criteria and any other specific requests. If required the report can form the basis of an ongoing action/development plan which we can support with further regular visits assessments.

If the supplier is currently failing to meet your expectations we can provide further on site support to assist in problem investigation, containment, robust resolution and including the generation of and management of a detailed corrective action investigation plan. Each plan and visit will be supported with regular reports and personal reviews.

The level of support available is only limited by your requirements for the supplier in question.

Please use the above links for more information or contact us directly via the following link – Contact Us – for clarification on any of our services or your particular situation.