Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) – 1 Day Overview

The PPAP process is a fundamental requirement within the automotive industry. The successful Supplier submission and Customer approval of a PPAP demonstrates that the supplier has clearly and effectively understood and applied the customer
requirements in the development of an acceptable manufacturing process and product. From a business perspective a Customer Approved PPAP not only authorises production release to supply products but often the release of finances to cover items such as tooling, etc. and thus is a key activity in any business.

This course will enable you to understand the key requirements for the successful submission of a PPAP by clearly defining the PPAP process, PPAP contents and submission levels to enable you to successfully plan and implement both new product introductions and engineering changes within the automotive industry.

Suitable for

  • Product and Process Design/Development Manager/Engineers,
  • Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Manager/Engineers,
  • Quality and Supplier Quality Manager/Engineers,
  • Managers who need to understand the benefits of PPAP
  • Project and New Product Introduction Engineers/Managers

Learning objectives – delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and benefits of PPAP and where it fits within the product and process life cycle,
  • Define the inputs, critical characteristics and associated process documentation for an  accurate & effective PPAP
  • How to manage your Customer and Supplier PPAP requirements


Your employees will learn via a combination of presentations, discussion and active participation in practical activities. The overview will focus on the understanding the fundamentals of the PPAP activity and in particular the many benefits. Employees will learn how to prepare and analyse a PPAP submission, understands its contents, function and key characteristics, etc., via:

  • What is the purpose and benefits of a PPAP?
  • What are the requirements for a PPAP – Definitions, Scope and Purpose?
  • When and why a PPAP submission is required?
  • PPAP PSW submission levels and Customer Specific requirements
  • Creating PPAP submissions – Part Submission Warrants (PSW’s)
  • Managing your PPAP requirements – Records, Samples and retention

Materials Provided

Each attendee will receive their own personal copy of all the presentation slides, and any additional reference materials, examples and any other material used during the workshop.


A Triple A Solutions Limited certificate of based upon continuous assessment by tutor will be issued following the course.

What to do next

If you wish to discuss the development of your own specific PPAP Workshop that meets your business needs and products then visit our website or contact our office on 01656 750 744.