Problem Management

We have over 30 years experience of practical problem solving and extensive experience in:

- Identifying and clarifying the “true” problem(s) and/or root cause(s),
- Reviewing and identifying systemic problems and areas of concern,
- Defining key measures and goals,
- Selecting and applying the most appropriate problem solving tools and techniques.
- Ensuring that not only the individual problem root cause(s) are found
- Effective containment followed by robust corrective actions are identified
- Detailed “practical/realistic” actions are identified and managed through to implementation,

We can ensure that all current symptomatic “business system and practices” contributing to the true root cause are identified and thus actioned to prevent re-occurrence this includes where appropriate the application of “Lessons Learned” techniques to other similar processes and products in order to prevent problems from occurring in the first instance.

“Prevention is always better than the cure!”

We have extensive experience in the use, application and training of an extremely wide range of problem solving tools and techniques.

We can tailor our support to suit your particular needs at any given time whether it is on-site at your facility, your customers or your suppliers.

We can solve your problems and present you with a complete solution package including corrective action management to prevent re-occurrence of the same or similar problems within your company.

We have extensive experience in the management of Customer related concerns in particular Zero Km and Warranty Reduction programs Problem Resolution and Supplier Problem Resolution and training.

We can provide independent expert advice and support in resolving customer and supplier product quality related conflicts.

We can provide training in all of the above areas either via “public” based courses, “bespoke in-house” courses and in particular “hands – On” training applied to your actual business activities/requirements within your facility.

Please use the above links for more information or contact us directly via the following link – Contact Us – for clarification on any of our services or your particular situation.